An EMD GP38-2 is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive of the road switcher type built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division. Part of the EMD Dash 2 line, the GP38-2 was an upgraded version of the earlier Canadian National Railwayas provided by an EMD 645E 16-cylinder engine, which generated 2000 horsepower (1.5 MW).[1]

Spotting featuresEdit

The GP38-2 differs externally from the earlier GP38 only in minor details. Its most distinctive identifying feature is the cooling water level sight glass on the right side of the long hood. The battery box covers of the Dash 2s are bolted down instead of hinged. It can be distinguished from the contemporary GP39-2 and GP40-2 in that its Roots blown engine had two exhaust stacks, one each side of the dynamic brake fan if fitted, while the turbocharged GP39-2 and GP40-2 has a single stack. The GP39-2 has two radiator fans on the rear of the long hood like the GP38-2, however the GP40-2 has three. It was also available with either a high short hood, common on Norfolk Southern units, or a low short hood, which is found on most other railroads.


File:EMD GP38-2W CN 4769.jpg

The GP38-2W is a Canadian variant of the GP38-2. It is easily distinguished by its wide-nose Canadian comfort cab. 51 of these locomotives were produced for Canadian National Railway during 1973–1974.

There are snow-shields above the inertial-filter central air intakes behind the cab; the electrical boxes and equipment blower behind the cab also differ in detail from a standard GP38-2. They are otherwise identical.[2]

Original buyers Edit

1,801 examples of this locomotive model were built for American railroads and industrial concerns, 257 for Canadian railroads and industrial, 156 for Mexican railroads and industrial and one unit for the Saudi Government Railroad. A total of 29 of the GP38-2s were built with high short hoods containing steam generators for use on Mexican railroads.[3]

Railroad Quantity Road numbers Notes
Altos Hornos
141, 145, 157-158, 167-168
Angelina and Neches River Railroad <center>1 2000
ARMCO Steel <center>1 B84
Atlanta and West Point Rail Road <center>2 6007–6008 Family Lines Paint, to Seaboard System
Atlanta and Saint Andrews Bay Railroad <center>3 508–510
Belt Railway of Chicago <center>6 490–495
Boston and Maine Railroad <center>12 201–212 212 was renumbered 200 as a Bicentennial unit
Burlington Northern Railroad <center>37 2078–2109, 2150–2154 2150-2154 are Fort Worth and Denver. Most passed on to BNSF.
Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway <center>2 108–109
Chicago and North Western Railway <center>35 4600–4634 ordered by Rock Island to Union Pacific
Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad <center>10 2000–2009
Chihuahua Pacific <center> 12 900-911
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company <center>9 100–108
Clinchfield <center> 8 6000-6006, 6045 Family Lines Paint, to Seaboard System
Colorado and Wyoming Railway <center>2 2001–2002
Conrail <center>119 8163–8281 all units were renumbered when sold to CSX and Norfolk Southern.
Curtis, Milburn and Eastern <center>4 817–819, 810
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad <center>8 221–228 228 was renumbered 1776 for the Bicentennial. Renumbered to GTW 6221-6228 in 1984/85.
Durham and Southern Railway <center>4 2000–2003 to Seaboard Coast Line 556-559
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway <center>5 700–704
Georgia Railroad <center>2 6009–6010 Family Lines Paint, to Seaboard System
Florida East Coast Railroad <center>11 501–511
Grand Trunk Western Railroad <center>25 5812–5836
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad <center>15 740–754 to Illinois Central Gulf
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad <center>40 9600–9639
Illinois Terminal Railroad <center>4 2001–2004
Kansas City Southern Railway <center>12 4000–4011
Lehigh Valley Railroad <center>12 314–325 to the Delaware & Hudson Railway upon creation of Conrail as 7314-7325, briefly renumbered to 220-231 during the Guilford ownership of the D&H, upon emergence from Guilford renumbered to 7303-7312.
Long Island Rail Road <center>28 250–277 261, 268, 270-271 to New York and Atlantic Railway Delivered in LIRR Bicentennial Scheme
Louisville and Nashville Railroad <center>129 4050–4144, 6011-6044 to Seaboard System, 6011-6044 Family Lines Paint
Milwaukee Road <center>16 350–365 to Soo Line
Mississippi Export Railroad <center>2 65–66
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad <center>18 304–321 To Union Pacific
Missouri Pacific Railroad <center>274 858–959, 2111–2237, 2290–2334 To Union Pacific
Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México <center>124 9200-9299, 9400-9414, 9901-9909
Penn Central <center>223 7940–8162 to Conrail same #'s
Phelps Dodge Corporation <center>8 1–4, 9, 55, 56, 58
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad <center>6 2051–2056
Providence and Worcester Railroad <center>4 2006–2009
Public Service of Indiana <center> 2 WG1-WG2Lettered for AMAX Coal
Rock Island <center>68 4300–4355, 4368-4379 to GTW, MP and P&LE upon bankruptcy of Rock Island
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company <center>2 16–17
Saudi Government Railway <center> 1 2000
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad <center>76 500–555, 6046-6065 to Seaboard System, 6046-6059 Family Lines paint
Soo Line Railroad <center>53 790–799, 4410–4452 790–799 renumbered 4400–4409
South East Coal Company <center>3 3821–3823
Southern Railway <center>257 5000–5256 High short hood; to Norfolk Southern Railway
Southern Pacific Railroad <center>45 4800–4844
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway <center>116 400–478, 663–699 to Burlington Northern
Texas Mexican Railway <center>7 861–867 867 is the last EMD GP38-2 built in 5/85.
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway <center>11 2001–2011 all went to ATSF then split off some went to BNSF after merger and others went to KCS
Union Pacific Railroad <center>60 2000–2059
United Southeast Railways <center> 14 514-521, 528-533
Vermont Railway <center>2 201–202
Western Railway of Alabama <center>2 6045-6046 to Seaboard System; Family Lines Paint; 6045 nee CRR & SCL, 6046 nee SCL
Locomotives built by GMD, London, Ontario
Algoma Central Railway <center>6 200-205
Canadian National Railway <center>60 5500–5559 23 renumbered to the 200 series when converted to hump mothers in 1978, these plus one additional renumbered to 7500-7526 (not all #'s used) in 1985. Three more, 7528/30/32 renumbered in 1990. The balance of these units became 4700-4732 in 1988.
Canadian National Railway <center>51 5560–5610 GP38-2W, renumbered 4760-4810 in 1988.
Canadian Pacific Railway <center>115 3021–3135 The 3086-3135 were the very last GP38-2 order built by GMD from 3-7/86
Devco Railway <center>13 216–228
Ontario Northland Railway <center>10 1800–1809
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company <center>2 054–055

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The GP38-2 is a player-drivable locomotive in Microsoft Train Simulator. Parts of the EMD GP38-2 are used to form the children's TV series Chuggington character, Dunbar.

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