Mayday, also known as Air Crash Investigation(s) in the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia and Air Emergency and Air Disasters in the United States, is a Canadian documentary television program produced by Cineflix investigating air crashes, near-crashes, fires, hijackings, bombings and other disasters. It reveals events that led up to each disaster, the causes of the incidents and the measures recommended in the report by the NTSB or the investigating Commission to prevent a similar incident happening again. It features re-enactments, interviews, eyewitness testimony, computer-generated imagery, and in some episodes cockpit voice recordings were used to reconstruct the sequence of events to the audiences.

As of Febuary 17, 2012, a total of 83 episodes of Mayday have aired including five "Science of Disaster" specials and three "Crash Scene Investigation" spin-offs.

Season 7 (2008)Edit

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
01 "Scratching the Surface" China Airlines Flight 611 November 18, 2009
25 May 2002, China Airlines Flight 611 disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the Taiwan Strait just 20 minutes after taking off from Taipei, killing 225 people. A faulty repair to the rear of the arircraft following an earlier tailstrike when the plane was a few months old caused the entire tail section to weaken and fail.

Type of aircraft: Boeing 747-209B.
Cause of disaster: Faulty maintenance, Explosive decompression, Structural failure (Tail), tailstrike.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
02 "Lockerbie Disaster" Pan Am Flight 103 December 17, 2009
On 21 December 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in mid-air with the debris of the 747 falling on the town of Lockerbie, killing 270 people.

Type of aircraft: Boeing 747-100.
Cause of disaster: Terrorist bombing resulting in explosion mid-air.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
03 "Blown Apart" Partinair Flight 394 November 11, 2009
On 8 September 1989, Partnair Flight 394 drove into the North Sea, killing 55 people. Investigation showed that the tail of the plane vibrated loose in flight due to sub-standard connecting bolts that had been fraudulently sold as aircraft-grade.

Type of aircraft: Convair 580.
Cause of disaster: In-flight structural failure(tail), negligence and bogus parts. }}

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
04 "Operation Babylift" 1975 Tan Son Nhut C-5 accident November 4, 2009
On 4 April 1975, a Lockheed Lockheed C-5A Galaxy participating in the inaugural flight of Operation Babylift suffered explosive decompression when the rear cargo door failed and crased while attempting an emergancy landing at Tan Son Nhat airport.

Type of aircraft: Lockheed C-5A Galaxy.
Cause of disaster: Explosive decompression due to improper maintenance of the cargo door.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
05 "Crash Course" 1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision
On 12 November 1996, the Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 and Air Kazakhstan Flight 1907 collided in mid-air, killing 349 people. Failure of the Air Kazakhstan plane to maintain the altitude assigned to it by ATC was the cause.

Type of aircraft: Boeing 747-100/Ilyshin Il-76.
Cause of disaster: Mid-Air Collision, Pilot Error (Ilyushin), poor visibility, outdated radar systems and no TCAS on both aircraft.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
06 "Flight574:Lost" Adam Air Flight 574
On 1 January 2007, Adam Air Flight 574 crashed into the Makassar Strait, killing 102 people. The crew inadvertently disengaged the autopilot while trying to fix a problem with their inertial reference system, causing the plane to bank into an uncontrolled dive and hit the water.

Type of aircraft: Boeing 737-4Q8.
Cause of disaster: Pilot error, Inertial reference system malfunction.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
07 "Frozen in Flight" American Eagle Flight 4184
On 1 January 2007, American Eagle Flight 4184 fell out of the sky, killing 68 people. The crash was caused by ice developing on the wing in a manner that the on-board deicing system could not remove.

Type of aircraft: ATR-72.
Cause of disaster: Icing, Design flaw.

# Title= Disaster(s) Original air date
08 "Falling Fast" Tuninter Flight 1153
On 6 August 2005, Tuninter Flight 1153 ran out of fuel and ditched into the sea, killing 16 people. It ran out of fuel because the incorrect style of fuel gauge had been installed on the plane.

Type of aircraft: ATR-72.
Cause of disaster: Faulty maintenance of the Fuel Quantity Indicator System (FQIS), Fuel starvation, Pilot error, Improper training, Ditching.